Skillston has teamed up with CTH , the UK based awarding body, to bring you the opportunity to become internationally recognized as a certified professional and open up new avenues for your blooming career!

Our main goal with this collaboration is to offer the best possible hospitality, travel, and culinary certifications. This is done through diligent monitoring, which is supported by business, academia, and Ofqual, the UK government regulator. Major multinational employers and academic institutions are partners of CTH. CTH is also a member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies.

Level 2

Language Proficiency: Good proficiency in spoken and written English.

Education: Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or "A/AS" Levels (Cambridge International)

Level 3

Language Proficiency: Good proficiency in spoken and written English.

Age: At least 17 years.

Education: CTH Level 2 Certification or any other equivalent from national or international awarding bodies.

  • Notes:
  • Candidates with SSC or O Levels for education may also be eligible under the condition that they also have one of the following:
    • Level 2 Certificate in the culinary sector recognized by the local government or by international bodies.

    • Two (2) or more years of relevant industry experience in the culinary sector .

Enrollees will be required to pay the examination fee instated by CTH before appearing for their examination in order to receive their official CTH Certification.

For further information, visit the culinary programmes page on the CTH website.

Culinary Arts Programs