Diploma in Professional Cookery


9 Months

The borderline Diploma Program which is designed to equip enrollees with all the necessary knowledge and skills they may require before going into a professional kitchen. This means that they will be trained and educated on all the fundamentals of a professional kitchen, followed by a set of basic practical recipes and then finishing with units consisting of moderately advanced recipes. Each unit carefully organized to succeed the prior in a sequential manner. Allowing a consistent flow of learning and critical assessment throughout.

    • Level 2
      Candidates may opt to enrol for the examination of CTH Level 2 Diploma in Culinary Skills after the completion of this course.
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  • 9 months Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • [Optional] CTH Level 2 Diploma in Culinary Skills
  • Surface level knowledge of the Hospitality Industry, including hotels, their types, their various departments and basics the basic operating procedures.
  • Testing Training Included.
  • Management of operations, services and safety in a professional Kitchen.
  • Fundamentals of basic accounting and how to utilize them in the food industry (costing, culinary maths etc).
  • Managing events, catering and keeping food safe and sanitized in the F&B industry.
  • Practical culinary basics such as Knife Handling, Cutting, Seasoning, Plating, Garnishing etc.
  • Learning about various cooking methods and gradually implementing them in further, basic recipes.
  • Learning the basics of baking and the ingredients and equipment revolving it.
  • Similar to the SCA-02 program this program contains a portion of their successor’s to maintain consistency.
  • Total Qualification Hours → 680
  • Hours → 460
  • Credit Value → 46