Skillston – It’s Easy for Anyone to Apply Now!

We’ve made Skillston reachable for anyone, and we invite every passionate individual to apply and become a culinary genius in the competitive market. Choose a certification that suits you!

Admission Process

We’ve made the admission process easy and ensure it doesn’t take more than a week because we’re as eager to teach you as you are to learn.


Fill the Online Form

You start by filling out the form available online. There’s no need to create an account at Skillston, all we need is essential information, and your enrollment will start there.


Attach Your Documents

The next step is to collect the soft copies of all your attested documents. Here’s what we need, academic records, CNIC or passport copy, a copy of the residence permit, four passport size pictures, and a motivation letter.


Collect Your Receipt

Once you’ve applied, the next step is to collect your receipt. We can either offer you a soft copy, or you’re welcome to visit the nearest Skillston branch to collect your receipt. You’ll also be paying the admission fees.


Discussion with the Candidate

Once we’ve received your documents, we schedule a chatting session between the applicants and the culinary experts. The session is to get to know you, what drives you, and what you expect from us.


Candidate Selection

After the session, the experts at Skillston select the best applicants to become their apprentices and perfect the art of culinary skills. The selected candidates get a call, and we enroll them right away.


Submit Fees

Once everything is set in stone, the last step is to submit the fees for your desired course and complete the admission process. You can submit the fees at the branch or via bank transfer. We welcome you to the Skillston family.

Admission Requirements

The Skillston admission requirements are easy for anyone to meet – we’re looking for people passionate about acing the art of culinary skills hospitality management. We love interacting with individuals who are driven by motivation, and that’s why they’re selected.

After joining Skillston, the students learn a new technique every day; they continue their journey to become a world-renowned chef, and we give them a chance to pursue their dream.

The admission criteria for applying at Skillston is as follows:

  • All academic documents, these include certifications, educational degrees, diplomas, and transcripts.
  • Copy of your CNIC or Passport; we need these for identification purposes.
  • Copy of your residence permit; we need this in case you’re applying from abroad.
  • Four passport sized pictures for placement on your official student documents at Skillston.
  • Motivation letter, a document that explains why you’re the best fit for Skillston.

When To Apply?

There is no right time to apply for a course. We’re always here, and you can apply when you want to jump to the next level! Thinking about it now? Click away.

Contact Us

To discuss any specific information please contact the admissions department: +92 21 35641361-3

3rd Floor, Shafiq Plaza, Block B, Sarwar Shaheed Road, Near Arts Council, Karachi, Pakistan.