Why Baking & Patisserie Certificate/Diploma from Skillston?

More than ever, companies are seeking highly skilled individuals who can think practically to influence growth and innovation while increasing their growth in the industry. At Skillston, we are fiercely committed to preparing our students to achieve this level of success with the Baking knowledge and skills necessary to lead in a rapidly changing hospitality environment. Learn the art of delightful & scrumptious recipes & variety of products for: Cold Pies & Tarts Doughs Pastries Sponge Cakes Biscuits & Cookies Puddings Savory Hot & Cold Desserts Acquire knowledge & skills of: Baking Essentials, Food Safety, Mise en Place Menu planning, Nutrition & Entrepreneurship

Earn Your Certificate & Diploma in Pakistan

Join the Finest Baking & Patisserie Arts Institute to obtain Locally & Internationally accredited & affiliated Certificate & Diploma Courses ranging from Short Certificate to Advanced & Professional Diplomas

Baking & Patisserie Programs

Course Code Course Name / Title Duration (Months) Admission Fees (Including 1st Month Tuition) Monthly Fees Total Fees
SBP-01 Professional Diploma in Baking & Patisserie 12 160,000 13,000 x 11 months = 143,000 303,000
SBP-02 Diploma in Confectionery & Patisserie 09 140,000 13,000 x 8 months = 104,000 244,000
SBP-03 Certificate in Professional Baking & Pastry 06 85,000 13,000 x 5 months = 65,000 150,000
SBP-04 Certificate in Baking & Pastry 04 70,000 13,000 x 3 months = 39,000 109,000

Get the most from your Diploma in Baking & Patisserie Arts.

At Skillston, we offer program features that make your educational training experience more effective, efficient, convenient, and affordable.

Pakistan Hospitality Industry. Learning on Skillston campus in Pakistan, Karachi provides easy access to one of the fastest growing industry.

Exceptional faculty. Learn from highly qualified and experienced faculty members, industry professionals that genuinely care about the success of each student.

Affective Teacher Student ratio. Skillston’s small classes offer personalized attention and greater learning opportunities.

No business degree necessary. Start your application with any accredited matriculation degree.

No work experience required. Apply with no prior knowledge or related work experience in Baking & Pasty Arts.

Greater value. Awarded the only "A Graded Hospitality Institute" by Federal Vocational Commission of Pakistan.

Personalized career support. With strong and strategic hospitality industry partnerships and MOU’s, our expert staff and career consultants prepare students to enter the industry. We are here to help you along your journey.

Continuous support. Students enjoy a personalized, supportive environment from orientation to graduation.

Career Paths

Skillston’s Certificate & Diploma in Baking & Patisserie Arts is ideal for those seeking to enhance skills in Professional Baking within their current positions or launch a career in Baking & Pastry Arts. Students may pursue a variety of positions such as:

Celebrity Chef Master Chef Head Chef
Executive Chef Sous Chef Assistant Sous Chef
Chef de Partie Commis 1, 2, 3