Certificate in Cookery


4 Months

The minimum base-level certification course offered by Skillston, with an outline to be covered in a duration of 4 months. The basic aim of this relatively “short” is to provide training that will enhance the professional and domestic cooking experiences of what would otherwise be an amateur-level cook. The outline will equip the training with everything a cook would need to take a start in their culinary practices.

  • Practical culinary basics such as Knife Handling, Cutting, Seasoning, Plating, Garnishing etc.
  • Learning about various cooking methods and gradually implementing them in further, basic recipes.
  • Learning the basics of baking and the ingredients and equipment revolving it.
  • Practical basic units such as o Cold Presentation o Frying o Boiling, Poaching and Steaming o Braising and Stewing o Baking, roasting and grilling Completion of these units will hone their skills and add a finesse to their cooking that would make their work more professional, even in a more domestic setting.
  • Total Qualification Hours → 310
  • Hours → 200
  • Credit Value → 20