Skillston – It’s Easy for Anyone to Apply Now!

We’ve made Skillston reachable for anyone, and we invite every passionate individual to apply and become a culinary genius in the competitive market. Choose a certification that suits you!

Admission Process

We’ve made the admission process easy and ensure it doesn’t take more than a week because we’re as eager to teach you as you are to learn.


Fill the Online Form

To initiate the admission process for your desired program, please commence by completing the initial application form conveniently provided online. Rest assured, there is no requirement to create an account at Skillston. We kindly request essential information from you to commence the enrollment process. Once you have submitted your expression of interest, our esteemed institution will promptly acknowledge receipt via an email and arrange a follow-up call with one of our representatives. This call will serve to provide you with additional guidance pertaining to the next steps in your admission journey


Submit Your Documents

The next step is to collect the soft copies of all your attested documents. Visit your designated campus and get admission form from Admission Office by remitting the prescribed fee. Here’s what we need, academic records, a copy of your CNIC or passport, two (2) passport-size photographs, and a motivation letter


Counseling Session with Candidate

Upon receipt of your documents, we will proceed to arrange a dedicated interaction between the applicants and our academic counselor. This session aims to familiarize us with your aspirations, motivations, expectations from our institution, and your future plans. Additionally, it serves as an opportunity for us to provide guidance in selecting the most suitable course that aligns with your individual requirements and future aspirations.


Submit your complete Admission Form

Based on the insights gained during the preliminary session, our team will provide guidance to assist you in selecting a suitable course that caters to your specific learning needs and future plans. Following this guidance, the subsequent step entails completing the provided admission form, attaching the necessary documents, and submitting them to the admission office.


Deposit Fees

Once all the necessary details have been finalized, the final step entails submitting the required fees for your selected course to complete the admission process. You have the option to submit the fees either in person at the branch or through a bank transfer, as guided by the admission office.


Embark on your journey towards becoming a hospitality professional

Upon receipt of your payment voucher, we extend a warm welcome to you as a valued member of the Skillston family. As part of this welcome, you will receive your comprehensive training kit, along with your class schedule and any other pertinent information pertaining to your course and its specific details.

Admission Requirements

The Skillston admission requirements are easy for anyone to meet – we’re looking for people passionate about acing the hospitality operations & management, art of culinary and baking skills. We love interacting with individuals who are driven by motivation, and that’s why they’re selected.

After joining Skillston, the students learn a new technique every day; they continue their journey to become a world-renowned hospitality professionals / chef, and we give them a chance to pursue their dream.

The admission criteria for applying at Skillston is as follows:

  • All academic documents, these include certifications, educational degrees, diplomas, and transcripts.
  • Copy of your CNIC or Passport; we need these for identification purposes.
  • Copy of your residence permit; we need this in case you’re applying from abroad.
  • Two (2) passport sized pictures for placement on your official student documents at Skillston.
  • Motivation letter, a document that explains why you’re the best fit for Skillston.

When To Apply?

There is no right time to apply for a course. We’re always here, and you can apply when you want to jump to the next level! Thinking about it now? Click away.

Contact Us

To discuss any specific information please contact the admissions department: +92 21 35641361-3

3rd Floor, Shafiq Plaza, Block B, Sarwar Shaheed Road, Near Arts Council, Karachi, Pakistan.