Certificate in Professional baking and Pastry


6 Months

The optimal Certificate Course which spans through a duration of 6 months, covering not only basics but also some mid-level units. Each individual unit is refined to match the requirement of anyone seeking a professional training course in the baking division. Each unit is carefully adjusted to meet the minimum requirements.

  • Surface level knowledge of the Hospitality Industry, including hotels, their types, their various departments and basics the basic operating procedures.
  • Management of operations, services and safety in a professional Kitchen.
  • Fundamentals of basic accounting and how to utilize them in the food industry (costing, culinary mathematics etc).
  • Practical culinary basics such as Knife Handling, Cutting, Seasoning, Plating, Garnishing etc.
  • Learning the basics of baking and the ingredients and equipment revolving it
  • Following these units are a series of practical units which will include all base-level baking and a significant amount of mid-level recipes.
  • It consists of an outline similar to that of SBP-03 with the exception of some of the mid-level units. This program covers practical units including biscuits, cookies, cakes, dough products etc.
  • Total Qualification Hours → 430
  • Hours → 300
  • Credit Value → 30